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Armadillo Extermination Tips

Armadillo Extermination Tips Armadillos are mammals known for their unique armor-like shells. They are the most distinctive looking mammals on earth. They are mostly found in tropical and sub-tropical regions of Central and Southern America.

The word "Armadillo" is Spanish, which means "little armored one." There are the bony plates that cover the head, body, back, and legs of these odd creatures. The unique armor-wearing animal is famous for its digging quality. They dig for their food like worms and grubs. They also dig wide, deep, and large burrows for their living purposes. With an increase in population, they are spreading in other regions also. They are making their ways to your lawns, backyards, flower beds of gardens.

You may have an Armadillo encounter while they are rooting your golf courses, flower beds, or vegetable gardens. They may also cause damage to your driveways, foundation structure while searching for food.

Extermination of Armadillo really need serious attention, not only to safeguard your potential damage to gardens, but they have been known to carry bacteria (Mycobacterium leprae) associated with human leprosy.

Here are some tips for the extermination of Armadillo, both lethal and humane. Lethal tips are not much recommended, but you can go for them as well to get rid of this distinctive shell armor mammal.

Lethal Tips

Poison can be used as a lethal exterminator. You can visit your nearest wildlife eradication aisle opt for lethal poison. Just pour down in the yard and spread all around the surface where Armadillo feed. Poison will do its work, and armadillos would die.

Spotting and shooting Armadillos is an effective way of extermination. However, it requires expertise and vigilance. Yeah, your shotgun can be used for this purpose. But you have to check your State Laws. Following tactics can be used for lethal extermination, but human methods and tips are also there to get rid of this problem.

Humane Tips

Armadillo Trapping and Relocation
They can be trapped by trap boxes. Box with 10-10-32 is best to capture. Set these traps at the best locations of Armadillo's visit. That best location can be along fences, burrows, and obviously the areas where they move around.

When the Armadillo is trapped, take that cage away around 5 miles (8.05 km) and release the animal there.

Castor Oil Repellents
Castor oil repellents can be used to repel them away from your garden and yards. Castor oil-based repellent penetrates down the grounds and avoids them to dig. Oil penetration also spoils the food feast of Armadillos, thus make them move away.

Build strong and high fences all-around your property. Armadillos are not good at jumping and climbing so it can protect your yards from their invasion.

Moreover, armadillos also hate bad odors like smell of ammonia, mothballs, vinegar, etc. So, if you spread out one of these smells in your lawn or garden then armadillos can be prevented in a natural way. You can use any of these above-mentioned tactics for lethal and humane extermination of Armadillos from your vicinities.

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